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Shipping and delivery FAQ

Here you can find the answers to some common questions about how to set up shipping and delivery in your store.

Do we ship for sellers?

No. To ship your products to the buyers, you’ll need to use a carrier’s service or your local postal office. To compensate the shipping costs, you can calculate them at checkout so that these costs are included in the order total that your customers pay.

To calculate the costs to ship the order to the buyer, you can use live rates from carriers in your store or set the shipping rates manually as a flat rate or the rates that depend on order total or weight.

If you dropship or sell print-on-demand products, then these services likely ship your products for you.

Can I disable shipping for digital items (or services)?

Yes, simply untick the Requires shipping or pickup box for your digital item on its editing page and save the changes. After that the shipping address form will be removed from checkout when the cart contains only a digital product.

To also remove the billing address form from your store checkout, disable the “Ask for a billing address during checkout” setting in your store's admin, Settings → General → Cart & Checkout.

Can I accept orders only from local customers?

Yes. You can specify a destination zone for a shipping method in your store that includes only the areas where you deliver. For example, if you deliver the goods only locally, you can draw a zone on a map for your delivery radius. After that store visitors from any other locations won’t be able to place orders at checkout.

How to set up free shipping for domestic orders and charge shipping for international customers?

You can create two or more shipping methods in the Shipping & Pickup section of your store's admin, then assign different destination zones and specify different charges for these methods. As a result, when a buyer specifies the delivery address at checkout, they will see only the shipping methods that are available for their location. Example:

Free Shipping - USA zone - $0
Flat Rate - Other countries zone - $20

How to set a minimum purchase amount for shipping?

You can create a custom table with the subtotal-based fees. For example, you can offer $0 shipping for orders over $100 and a paid shipping for orders lower than that amount.

Can I have different shipping costs depending on the item?

Yes. You can set up a product-specific shipping instead of a global shipping for a whole store. This way you can adjust the shipping rate for some individual items or disable certain shipping methods for special items.

How to apply a shipping fee per item?

You can set it up in different ways:

Can I show the least expensive delivery option in the cart?

Generally, it is possible. To show estimated shipping costs in the cart (i.e., before checkout), your store uses the cost of the first shipping option from your Shipping & Pickup section that’s available for the buyer’s order and address. If possible, you can sort your shipping options there so that the least expensive options are listed in that section at the top.

How can I print shipping labels?

If you use USPS to ship domestically, you can print shipping labels directly from your admin. Otherwise, you can use third-party apps from the App market to print out labels.

How to reduce my shipping costs?

Check our tips on optimizing shipping costs.

How can I add my shipping company rates to checkout?

We are integrated with many different carriers for live shipping quotes. If you do not see your shipping company in the list of integrated carriers (either natively or via an app), please consider two options:

  1. You can emulate the shipping rates of your carrier using custom tables for different shipping zones.
  2. You can integrate your shipping company with your store using the Add Shipping Method API.
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