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Adding products to your store

You can sell physical goods, digital files, services, or resell products of other suppliers. You can also use dropshipping if you want to run an online store but don't have your own products to sell.

Once you sign up with store, you can add your items to the catalog.

Each new store has test products to show you what your storefront may look like. Before adding your products, remove samples from your catalog.

You add a new product by entering product details and uploading product images. If your product has options, like size or color, you can add a variation for each combination of options.

Grouping your products into categories makes it easier for customers to find them in your store. And if you want to highlight particular products, recommend them to your customers right on the storefront page.

You can also disable a product or delete it if you are no longer going to sell it.

Adding a new product

Adding a new product to your store only takes a few minutes. Check out this video:

To delete demo products that appear when you create a new account, tick all the products and click Delete All Sample Products that appears above the product list.

To add a product to your store:

  1. From your store admin, go to Catalog → Products.
  2. Click +Add New Product:
  3. Enter the name, descriptions, price, and other product details:


  4. Click Save.
  5. Click Preview Product to see how this product looks in your online store.


That's it. You have successfully added a product to your store.

To add many products at once, you can upload products in bulk using a CSV-formatted import file.

If you use point of sale, like Lightspeed Retail (X-Series) POS, Square POS, or Clover POS, you can connect your store to them and transfer the products to your online store.

Duplicating products

When you add several similar products at once, duplication can help speed up the entry process and save you time. By copying a product, you can modify specific changes instead of repeatedly filling out the product information.

If you want to add options to a product, such as color or size, add a variation to the existing product instead of duplicating the product.

When you duplicate a product, you will have a copy of the original product.

To duplicate a product:

  1. From your store admin, go to Catalog → Products.
  2. Open the product you want to duplicate.
  3. Click Duplicate Product:


  4. Modify product details.
  5. Click Save.
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