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Managing local orders and pickup

When customers choose local delivery or pickup for their order, they specify an exact date or time when they want to receive an order. Usually, it’s the same-day delivery or the date very close to the day of placing the order.

To effectively manage time-sensitive orders, streamline the fulfillment and managing process for local delivery and pickup orders. You can quickly find orders awaiting processing, update them in bulk and notify customers right away. In the mobile app, you can set up reminders about upcoming deliveries and get directions from your location to your customer delivery addresses.

Filtering local delivery and pickup orders

On the Orders page, you can quickly find orders that require local delivery or pickup, so you know which orders to prepare first. The list of orders is sorted by the date of placing the order, not by the date of delivery. If you need to see what orders to prepare first, you can sort orders by the date of delivery in your mobile app for iOS or Android.

To find local delivery orders that require fulfillment:

  1. From your store admin, go to My Sales → Orders and click Filter.
  2. Click the Pickup or delivery date and time dropdown and specify the time range you are looking for. You will see all orders in the selected time period.
  3. You can also look up for the upcoming orders in the next 3 hours, 24 hours, on this particular day or in the next 3 days by clicking on the corresponding buttons:


Mass updating local delivery or pickup orders

You can change the payment or fulfillment status for several orders at once, and also print, export, or delete orders in bulk. When you deliver dozens of orders per day, updating orders in bulk saves you a lot of time. For example, you can print several orders at once, hand it out to the delivery guy along with packed orders, and then change orders status to Out for delivery. All your customers will immediately get a notification about their order being on its way to their doorstep.

To update local delivery or pickup orders in bulk:

  1. From your store admin, go to My Sales → Orders.
  2. Filter the orders to find ones you need to update.
  3. Check all the orders and click Mass update:


  4. Choose what you want to update. For example, Change the fulfillment status for selected orders and then choose the new status.

Using the in-app reminder for orders

In your mobile app for iOS or Android, you can set a reminder for any order. That way, your staff that uses the app can get the in-app push notification that it’s time to prepare an order for pickup, or your driver can get a push notification that it's time to deliver the order.

To create the in-app reminder for an order:

  1. Open your mobile app and go to Orders.
  2. Open an order and tap Add reminder.
  3. Choose a default option “In 1 hour” or “Tomorrow at 9 AM”. Alternatively, tap Custom date and time and choose your own time.

Getting a delivery direction from mobile app

You can get a delivery route from your pickup point to the customer address using your mobile app for iOS or Android. That helps your delivery staff to navigate throughout the city and get the best route for a faster delivery.

To create a route from your current location to the customer:

  1. From your mobile app, go to Orders.
  2. Tap the order you need to deliver.
  3. Tap Get Directions and choose the app to build a route. E.g., Google Maps.
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