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Marketing checklist for every new e-commerce store

Dive into these marketing strategies that will get people traffic to your online store, and will help you succeed. Ideas in this guide are for every entrepreneur who is starting their e-commerce journey.

1. Explore the “Marketing” page in your store admin

On the Marketing page, you’ll find powerful features that help you to get visitors and convert them into customers. Most of these features are configured in a click. Literally.

2. Make beautiful product photos

When you sell online, the attractive look of your products is one of the most important things for selling successfully. It is important to make your product photos look as good as possible.

  • Make images consistent.
  • Use consistent one-color background––we recommend sticking with a one-color fabric, a wooden board, or a simple sheet of paper.
  • Shoot from different angles like above or below will help you get better photos.
  • Show the scale. For instance, a close-up shot of your product in the context of a person, or another object, will give your customers a better understanding of how big or small it is.
  • Show in action. If you sell items for the home, take pictures of those products within the context of a home.

3. Write strong product descriptions

The quality of a product description can make or break a sale, especially if it doesn’t include the information a shopper needs to make a purchase decision.

  • Give comprehensive information about the product: Include all the basic details that buyers might look for. Answer questions like “How does the product work?” or “Where would someone use this product?”
  • Speak to your audience: Include features and benefits that address your buyer’s unique concerns.
  • Add relevant keywords: Your online store can rank above competitors in search results and attract more customers if you describe your products and services in a way that addresses people’s searches.
  • Create meta tags for individual products to improve SEO.

4. Use social media wisely

Use your social media platforms to showcase your products and reach your target customers.

  • Create helpful and engaging content. Make videos – behind the scenes, lookbooks, testimonials, overviews, etc.
  • Post regularly.
  • Publish customer reviews.
  • Set up product tagging on Instagram.
  • Add links to your store everywhere – in posts and bios.
  • Build a database of user-generated content to use in future marketing efforts.
  • Throw a contest.

5. Write emails

Emails are the most cost-effective way to reach your customers. Start building your customer base by getting to know your store’s visitors.

  • Collect subscribers with pop-up email capture forms.
  • Send emails regularly with info on new products, promotions or sales.
  • Segment your subscribers (customers vs window shoppers) for better engagement.

6. Try paid ads

If you’re serious about driving traffic to your online store, you need to look into online advertising.

  • Set up and test a few ad campaigns on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.
  • Use the automated Google Shopping Ads to advertise on Google.
  • Partner with an influencer who can recommend your products. It is the so-called “Native advertising” that is often found in social media feeds.

7. More ideas

  • Offer to write a post for a specialty blog as a guest contributor.
  • Start blogging about your products – this can also boost your SEO if you do it well.
  • Get involved with your local community. You may be able to generate press if there’s an overlap between a newsworthy event and your business.
  • Open a pop-up store.
  • Promote your products at a local market.

Remember: Keep testing different promo channels, so you know what works best for your business and what keeps your customers happy and satisfied.

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