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Processing orders made directly on Facebook and Instagram by Meta (for the US stores)

Facebook and Instagram by Meta have their own checkout that is available for the US stores only. When customers purchase your products directly on Facebook or Instagram, those orders have specific requirements on how you should process them. You need to comply with Meta fulfillment requirements to make sales with Facebook and Instagram. Still, you can manage orders from your store admin as usual.

The following rules do not apply to orders completed on your site with the online store.

Getting orders from Instagram and Facebook Shop 

When a customer buys something through Checkout on Facebook or Instagram, the order appears on the Orders page in your store admin. You can check additional information about the order like customer details, payment amount, etc., by viewing order details.

Right after an order is placed on Facebook and Instagram by Meta, a hold is placed on the order. This hold allows for Facebook's payment authorization, and fraud analysis, and you can't fulfill the order until the hold is removed. The hold is typically removed within 5 minutes, but in rare cases might be in place for up to 24 hours.

When an order is released from the hold, you can start to fulfill the order. 

Shipping orders made on Instagram and Facebook

To provide customers with shipping options, set up your shipping profile in the Commerce Manager.

When you get a new order from Facebook or Instagram, you must ship the order within a default of 3 business days or within the handling time you specified in your Commerce Manager

Be sure to provide tracking information for each shipment. If you don't include a valid tracking number for orders, Meta is not able to confirm shipment. This may delay payment. 

Meta cancels any orders not marked as shipped after 30 days.

When you fulfill an order in your store admin, mark your order as Shipped, not Paid. Once you mark the order as Shipped, payment is captured automatically. If you mark order as Paid before Facebook collects payment, then the payment authorization is voided and you aren't paid.

Getting paid in Instagram and Facebook shop 

To get payouts for orders made through Checkout on Facebook or Instagram, you need to provide information about your bank account in your Commerce Manager.

Meta’s payment processors handle your transactions and appear as Merchant of Record. Payouts will be received within 30 days after you've marked the order as shipped. You can receive faster payouts for continued demonstration of product delivery as expected. 

You can view payout details and payout history in the Commerce Manager.

Learn more about payouts on Facebook and Instagram →

Handling returns and refunds for Instagram and Facebook shop 

When a customer buys directly from Facebook or Instagram, they can initiate a return request in-app. After that, you will get a notification about their request. 

Depending on your store policy, you can issue the refund right away or wait ‘til they ship the product to you and you receive it. Once you issue the refund, change the order status to Refunded and it will be synced to Facebook and Instagram. 

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